Once you are on the Ultimate Subscription plan, you can add "Connection Packages" to get above the 30 connections provided by the Ultimate Subscription plan. Each Connection Package gives you an additional 15 connections for $2.50 per month. 

To subscribe to the Connection Packages:

1. Login to your FileThis account from a web browser, click on your Settings Pulldown menu and select Subscription:

2. In the Subscription dialog, Click on the control to edit your Connection packages:

3. Click on the Add more to add a new Add On package of 15 additional connections:

4. You should now see that you have 1 Add On package of 15 additional connections. Click on the Save changes button:

5. Click Purchase to complete the purchase in the dialog that appears:

Once you have added the connection package your Subscription dialog will show you have a total of 45 connections and 1 Add On package that is set to renew automatically with your main subscription: